Music Credits

   FD=Fretted Dulcimer             HD=Hammered Dulcimer
Thank you to the contributing artists!  This is a PREVIEW of their products.
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Welcome: “Homesick for the Holler” - composed & played by Ruth Smith (HD) & Steve Smith on their ‘Heirlooms’ CD,  All rights reserved.

About SCDH:  “Arkansas Traveler/ Turkey in the Straw” (traditional)   Recorded live at Alta Coffee, 11/17/07. Dulcimania. (Barbara Gershman (HD), Norman Jacobson (HD), Brad Moore)  All rights reserved.

Dulcimer Groups/Jams:  “Dark Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” (trad.) Leo Kretzner (FD) & The Old Grey Cats with Laurie Babcock: recorded live at Monrovia Traditional Music Gathering, 5/30/09.  All rights reserved.

E-List: Angelina Baker/Rock the Cradle, Joe” (trad.) Starry, Starry Night (Dave Haas (FD) and Bob Webb)
All rights reserved.

Holiday Jam: “Carol of the Bells” (trad. Ukrainian) Better Than One - Les Cloches d’Hiver (Patti Amelotte, Barbara Gershman -HD duet)  All rights reserved.

Picnic/ Jam: “St. Anne’s Reel” (trad.) Recorded live at SCDH Picnic/Jam 5/31/09 -Huntington Beach, CA.  All rights reserved.

Mtn.Dulcimer 8/22:  “Cedarville” (by Neal Walters & FD)
Doofus- What Did We Leave Behind? (Neal & Coleen  Walters,
John & Heidi Cerrigione)
All rights reserved.

2010 Festival Highlights:

“Whiskey with Carmen” (aka-Whiskey Before Breakfast) (trad.);

Kendra Ward & Carmen Amrein on “1” hammered dulcimer; Bob Bence on guitar.   Recorded live at 2010 Harvest Festival of Dulcimers Evening Concert. All rights reserved.


On the Banks of the Halicon (trad.) Better  Than One - Les Cloches d’Hiver (Winter Bells) (Patti Amelotte (HD), Barbara Gershman (HD)  All rights reserved.

Festival ’10: “Sugar Run” (by Kendra Ward) (Kendra Ward (HD), Bob Bence (guitar)   Recorded live at 2010 Fest. Evening Concert.  All rights reserved.

Festival ’09: “Cold Frosty Morning/Kitchen Girl” (trad./trad.) Legacy - Peacock’s Feathers (Barbara Gershman (HD), Patty  McCollom (banjo)  All rights reserved.

Festival ‘08: “Wexford Carol/Planxty Drew” (trad./trad.) Better  Than One - Les Cloches d’Hiver (Patti Amelotte(HD), Barbara Gershman(HD)  All rights reserved.

Festival ‘06: “Cool Joe Clark” (trad.) Pigatude - When Pigs Fly! (Mike Catlett, Bea Romano (HD), Jim Romano(FD), Marianne Scanlon(HD)&(FD), George Santoro, Ellen Swope, Jim Swope) All rights reserved.

Carmen Amrein on Hackbrett:  “Bavarian Polka” (trad.) Recorded at West Side Hammered Dulcimers, 9/25/09. (Carmen Amrein - (Hackbrett)  All rights reserved.

Kim McKee Workshop:  “Tortilla Flats” (by Kim McKee) When the Notes Dance. (Kim McKee(HD), Ken Willson)  All rights reserved.

Patti Amelotte Workshop:  Patti’s Polka/The Ballydesmond Polka/The Maid of Ardagh” (by Jim Hayes/trad./trad.) Dulcimania - Live at Alta Coffee.  (Barbara Gershman (HD), Norman Jacobson (HD), Brad Moore)  All rights reserved.


2014 Festival: “Bill Cheatham” (trad.) Janita Baker (FD), from ‘Walkin’ Around Lucky.  Robert Baker, guitar; Karen Mueller, autoharp. All rights reserved.

2014 Fest. Bios: “Spanish Fandango” composed & performed by Janita Baker on her CD, ‘Walkin’ Around Lucky ’ Karen Mueller, autoharp.  All rights reserved.

Fest. Schedule: “Mountain Minuet” Ruth Smith (HD) composer,  performed by Steve & Ruth Smith on their ‘Dancin‘ Cross the Strings‘ CD.   All rights reserved.

Workshop Info.: “Boys of Ballisodare” from their CD, Senara - A Distant Shore, played by Sandi Huckaby and Diane Grady. All rights reserved. 

Fest. Noon Concert: Green Mountain/ Father Kelly’s/ Hand Me Down the Tackle” from Looney’s Fortune - West Coast Irish CD, performed by Patti Amelotte (HD), Georgiana Hennessy & Matt Tonge  All rights reserved.

Fest. Twilight Concert:  “Miner’s Dance” (by Cyntia Smith).  Recorded at 2006 Harvest Festival of Dulcimers Noon Concert.  (Cyntia Smith (FD) and George Gilliam (jazz guitar)  All rights reserved.

Mtn.Dul. Focus Class: “Wylla’s Waltz” composed & performed by Janita Baker on her CD, ‘Solace’ Robert Baker, guitar.  All rights reserved. 

HD Focus Class:  “An Appalachian Winter”

from Ruth & Steve Smith’s album,  ‘An Appalachian Winter’

Composed and played by Ruth and accompanied by Steve  All rights reserved.

Registration: “Dance and Sing” -  Composed & performed by Joellen Lapidus on mountain dulcimer & dumbeg  on her NEW ‘Dulcimer Music for the Pelican Ballet’ CD. Novi Novog on viola.  http://www.lapidusmusic.comAll rights reserved.

Fest. Visitor Info.:  “Snowy Path/ Whinny Hills of Leitrim,” (trad.) Uncharted Waters (Jem Moore (HD) & MinTze Wu (fiddle) All rights reserved.

Press/PSA:  “Rock that Cradle, Joe/ Rochester Schottische” (Trad.) Dancin’ - Cottonwood String Band (Mark Kline (FD), Lois Boyer (HD), Bryce Boyer, Brad Moore)  All rights reserved.

Resources:  “Mary Monica” (by Mark Kline)  Dancin’ - Cottonwood String Band (featuring Mark Kline (FD) All rights reserved.

Fretted Dulcimers: “Grey Cat” (trad.) So Kattywompus.  (Jennifer Ranger (FD) & Kattywompus String Band)  All rights reserved.

Hammered Dulcimers: “Les Cloches d’Hiver - Winter Bells” (by Patti Amelotte) Better Than One - Les Cloches d’Hiver (Patti Amelotte, Barbara Gershman -HD duet)  All rights reserved.

Dulcimer Teachers:  “Allison’s Waltz” (by Jennifer Ranger), Tapestry (Jennifer Ranger(HD) & Kattywompus String Band) All rights reserved.

Dulcimers for Hire: “How Great Thou Art,” (trad.)  One for a Friend (Jeff Hames (FD).   All rights reserved.

Dulcimer “Rescue”: “Arran Boat Song,” (trad.) Plaisir d’Amour - Senara (Diane Grady, Sandi Huckaby (HD); Carol Potter (Celtic harp).   All rights reserved.

Musical Credits: “Cold Frosty Morning,” (trad.) One for a Friend (Jeff Hames (FD).   All rights reserved.

Sponsorship:  “Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle (a.k.a. Campbell’s Farewell to Redgap)” (trad.)  Pigatude - When Pigs Fly! (Mike Catlett, Bea Romano (HD), Jim Romano (FD), Marianne Scanlon (HD)&(FD), George Santoro, Ellen Swope, Jim Swope) All rights reserved.

Profiles:  “Temperance Reel” (trad.) Silver Jubilee - Lilies of the West (Marcia Bruno, Karen Harvey(HD), Patty McCollom, Barbara Whitney, Jill Worley)  All rights reserved.

Contact Us:  “The Road Back Home” (by Chris Peterson).  Dulcimania - Live at Alta Coffee. (Barbara Gershman(HD), Norman Jacobson(HD), Brad Moore) All rights reserved.

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Music in the Mtns. Festival: “Donnybrook Fair” (trad.) A Distant Shore

  1. -Senara (Diane Grady, Sandi Huckaby (HD); Carol Potter (Celtic harp).

All rights reserved.

’09 Festival Highlights:

Dave Haas Video - “Angeline the Baker” (trad.);

Outdoor Jam Video - “Arkansas Traveler” (trad.);

Community Jam Video - “John Ryan’s Polka” (trad.)

Recorded at 2009 Harvest Festival of Dulcimers. All rights reserved.

Special People: “Dona Nobis Pacem,” (trad.)  Westside Hammered Dulcimer Session - recorded live 8/13/09 for a memorial service in Wisconsin (W.Laurie Baum, Kay Bolin, Barbara Gershman, Cheryl Handel, and Lori Young (5 HDs).   All rights reserved.

Calendar:  “Sean Ryan’s/ The Blackbird/ The Cat’s Meow” (traditional)   Looney’s Fortune - West Coast Irish. (Patti Amelotte (HD), Georgiana  Hennessy, Matt Tonge)  All rights reserved.