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CD Sample:
"Mary Monica"
By Mark Kline
On Cottonwood String Band CD
Featuring Mark Kline (FD) All rights reserved.

Organizations - A non-profit organization working for the preservation of traditional music and dance.  Monthly concerts, all acoustic instrument jams, and contra dances.  - Claremont Folk Festival.  - Caltech Folk Music Society.  - Source for folk/traditional music, dance, storytelling & other related folk arts in the greater L.A. area.  - Folk Music Center and Museum, Claremont, CA.


Tune Sources  - Chris Peterson’s traditional music collection. asdfasdfasdf  - JC’s ABC Tune Match at  - Tunes at Ceolas, which carries notation for several hundred traditional tunes, in various formats, along with music software and an index of most published tune sources and links to other sites with tunes and songs.  - Hammered Dulcimer, Living History, Scottish Fiddle & Traditional Music.  - Free sheet music - collection of O’Neill’s music of Ireland including 1850 tunes.  - Midi and download formats of many seisiun tunes from




Musical Instrument Repair - A. DZINA & SONS MUSIC, 2366-C N. Glassell St., Orange, CA 92865, (714)637-9665 - Their motto: “The Unrepairable We Rebuild”  They repair dulcimers, accordions and many other instruments.

Musical Instrument Repair - Morey’s Music, Inc., 4834 Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA 90713,562-420-9532  String replacement if customer provides strings. Sheet music.  

Sheet music, accessories - Mo’s Fullerton Music Center, 121 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92832, 714-871-1805  - Dulcimer Players News.  The premier publication for all things dulcimer.  - Everything Dulcimer.  - Mel Bay Dulcimer Sessions bimonthly newsletter.  - Hammered & fretted dulcimers, harps, and more.  - Doug Thomson’s Banjo-Mer.  - Online metronome.  - Island Bazaar  - For all things ukulele. - Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Festival Artists’ Websites  (Includes 2006-2014)  - Patti Amelotte, hammered dulcimer  - Stephen Seifert, mountain dulcimer  - Robin Petrie, hammered dulcimer - Cyntia Smith, fretted dulcimer - new album  - Peggy Carter, hammered & mountain dulcimers  - Steve Eulberg, hammered & mountain dulcimers  - Brenda Hunter, hammered dulcimer  - Mark Nelson, Appalachian dulcimer  - Jem Moore, hammered dulcimer  - Jeff Hames, mountain dulcimer  Patty McCollom, tinwhistle, banjo, fiddle  - Kim McKee, mountain & fretted dulcimers; Ken Willson, guitar  - Dave Haas, mountain dulcimer  - Senara; Sandi Huckaby & Diane Grady, hammered dulcimers; Carol Potter, Celtic harp - Kendra Ward, hammered & mountain dulcimers and Bob Bence, guitar - Carmen Amrein, hackbrett & hammered dulcimer - Neal Hellman, mountain dulcimer - Phee Sherline, hammered dulcimer - fretted dulcimer, harmonica, banjo, guitar, vocals, etc. - Shirley Orlando, ukulele - Storytellers - meet at Culver Palms UM Church Jody Marshall, hammered dulcimer Bing Futch, mountain dulcimer - Joellen Lapidus, mountain dulcimer - Looney’s Fortune Irish Band (Patti Amelotte-hammered dulcimer, Georgiana Hennessy, Matt Tonge) - Barbara Gershman, hammered dulcimer - Andy Young, hammered dulcimer - Aaron O’Rourke, mountain dulcimer - Tull Glazener, mountain dulcimer - Ruth Smith, hammered dulcimer; Steve Smith, Multi-instrumentalist - Janita Baker, mountain dulcimer


~ Ellie & Sienna, Devoted Dulcimer & SCDH Fans ~